Moon phases preview

Moon phases application provides basic information on the current moon phase. It is intended to be a helpful general reference.

From any location on the Earth, the Moon appears to be a circular disk which, at any specific time, is illuminated to some degree by direct sunlight.

Like the Earth, the Moon is a sphere which is always half illuminated by the Sun, but as the Moon orbits the Earth we get to see more or less of the illuminated half.

During each lunar orbit (a lunar month), we see the Moon's appearance change from not visibly illuminated through partially illuminated to fully illuminated, then back through partially illuminated to not illuminated again.

Although this cycle is a continuous process, there are eight distinct, traditionally recognized stages, called phases.

The phases designate both the degree to which the Moon is illuminated and the geometric appearance of the illuminated part.

Some of Moon phases features:

  • runs on both Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Mac OSX
  • show current moon phase
  • show % of lunar illumination, total days to full moon, total days to new moon
  • show flickr moon chanel
  • show moon day interpretation
  • show moon astrology sign

About "Moon Phases" System Access

MoonPhases stores your configuration only in your user profile directory.

The Encrypted Store used to application position only. They are located in a folder called

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