Free Flash and css photo gallery templates for ImagePut

After download unzip to "C:\Program Files\Vidroid\ImagePut\Data\templates\"

Popeye jQuery

Popeye jQuery new

The author of jQuery.popeye wanted something more integrated in the flow of the web page - a box with a small preview image with caption, the possibility to flip through an array of more thumbnails and, of course, to show an enlarged version, all in one place. Lightbox offers that. Moreover, he wanted the box to stay anchored to the page layout and not hovering above it disconnectedly. The way to achieve this was writing a script which would fix one corner of the enlarged image to the exact spot where the thumbnail had been.
Sexy Lightbox

Sexy Lightbox gallery new

Sexy Lightbox is a clone, sexier and more lightweight, the classic Lightbox. It was built thinking of the web designers, easy to install and use. This release comes in two versions: one white and one black.
Polaroid Flash gallery

Polaroid Flash gallery

Creates an (almost) full screen gallery. You can drag images around to get to the bottom of the pile. Double click to zoom in.
Christopher Einarsrud ( )

Highslide css + jscript gallery

Template with square sized thumbnails. The images adjust automatically to your monitor's rsolution. Please note that Highslide JS is not free for commercial use.
Highslide ( )
Free photo gallery

PageFlip flash gallery

This template is based on the free version of the FlashPageFlip flash engine on It lacks the advanced functions of the commercial versions but still makes a very nice photo album on your website. You can see and hear the pages flip.
FlashPageFlip ( )
Free photo gallery

Lightbox jscript gallery

LightWindow is a highly configurable Lightbox (modal window) image gallery.
Kevin P Miller ( )
Free photo gallery

TiltViewer flash gallery

TiltViewer is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application. IMPORTANT: Required crossdomain or same domain images link, see FAQ for more details.
Airtight Inc. ( )
Free photo gallery

Flash Gallery

Flash Gallery is a FREE, simple photo gallery built in Macromedia Flash 2004, that uses XML files to store the information about which images to display. The gallery is easy to configure and update since you need to change only the XML file.
aSymbio Developer ( )
Free photo gallery

Image list template for Forums, Websites and xml data

Template for Export to HTML/Blog/Pages/XML image links.