Turn a Photo or Graphic Into a Thumbnail

If you use thumbnails you can fit more graphics on one page, so your reader can pick and choose from all the images on the page and decide which ones they want to see.

With ImagePut creating a thumbnail is not hard and really doesn't take very long.

The first thing you are going to do is open ImagePut program and add your images, using "Add image:" menu or Green Plus button.

With ImagePut you can crop and resize images, rotate, apply different filters like sepia or grayscale.

Now click on "Make Album", in "General" tab select Output Folder. In "Images" tab select thumbnail size and size for big images, after that click on "Make Album". After generate process you find resized images and generated Thumbnails for it in Output folder.

Also you can use generated image album for your site or blog.


  • create thumbnails
  • generate album
  • photo album