Bulk upload photos to Flickr

With ImagePut users can upload several images at once.

If you need for example upload 20-30 pictures to Flickr bulk uploader is irreplaceable - you can select all the pictures and with one click start uploading them.

It is much quicker way and you can use bulk uploader to upload up to 100 pictures at once.

If you need post tons images on forum ImagePut can help you with that. It's really easy.

5 Steps

1. Add images to ImagePut, use add images button or drag & drop images or folders.

2. Upload to Flickr using Upload button.

3. Apply upload settings and wait for proccess is done.

4. Export images url using "Make Album..." and "For Forum and Sites" Skin

5. In result you have all images links in one list.


  • bulk upload
  • flickr upload
  • generate album